The Internet:

The internet most undeniably is still contributing immensely to learning and education and unarguably one of the greatest sources for information dispensing today. Education today has been upgraded from researching in libraries for information to getting any desired information by surfing the internet in seconds through internet search engines such as google, Askme, Bing and others.

Online classes, class discussion board meetings, access to educational videos and a host of others can all be done at the touch of ones finger tips, thereby creating a more comfortable environment for learning. This probably is one of the greatest reasons why much more people are becoming literates today.

Smart Phones:

As the proverbial saying goes which is “there are two sides to a coin” so, can we say that despite its usefulness and its awesomeness, the smart phone still can be used for nefarious purposes. In educational system today, smart phones poses a nuisance to the educators from their students. This common useful invention can be used for a host of many purposes by the students however the problem with this is that students use it to create distractions for themselves thereby constituting to decline in knowledge. In exam cases smart phones are used for examination malpractices by some students and this can affect mentally students’ performances. Irrespective of this the device helps enact communication amongst students through the use of instant messaging applications like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo messenger and others.

In conclusion education would continuously see more improvements as the world advance technologically every day. If you wish to use technology to upgrade your class this day? Simply log on to [] to post homework, assignments online. Here you can store all your documents and access it from any internet enabled device. Also, this opportunity can present you a better relation with your classroom students and their parents while adding more worth to your credentials.


During their early start on career, technical writers experience confusions as pertaining to what to write and make it technical in understanding. There are various topics for them to choose for writing and they sometimes find out that not all topics are seemingly technical. As for the professional presented here is a list of some popular documents that they may need to create sometime and its usefulness.

Background Reports:

Aside those working for the CIA background reports doesn’t mean a person’s personal life and habits. What it means is a brief examination of the application on any aspect of technology. Normally these reports are created for an exact audience and are singular in application rather than general.

Tutoring Sets:

More popularly identified as user guides or manuals, these are principal product of many technical authors also it is self-explanatory. They consist mostly of how to do “x, y and z” of a product.

Viability Study

These studies involves the examination of if taking on a specific project or task can be possible or impossible and if possible whether its advisable within a business setting.

Endorsement Reports:

In this report comparison are being made between two or more alternative actions that a business might select or pursue its interests, with strong recommendation of which arena is considered fit for that moment.

Evaluation Reports

In cases as this the author examines the outcome of a specific project and take a decision on the benefits and rewards on investments. Sometimes called reports assessments, they are the focused part of the project lifecycle and can decide future projects and investments.

Investigation Reports:

This normally are scientific in nature and plan the results from some tasks such as market surveys. The aim of these reports is not just because of its outcome alone but the procedure in which the results were produced.

Functional Specification Documents:

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Normally this document is associated with a new product and a specific software. It is useful if you were to capture the complete functionality of the offering as concerned. 

Functional recommendations are often opaque and a poor display of writer’s skill can make his writings wordy and sum up all requirements.



Proposal of any sort is a suggestion for a project or service and can meet up thousands of pages for difficult works. The writers job in these is to make a platform in which the suggestion can be accessed and meet the criteria’s for industry and organizational guideline.