Phone applications which make use of home security systems such as intercoms and camera enable the home owner to monitor any visitors from their mobile device. All made recordings could be directly saved online and seen at will. And so, if any person were to ring the doorbell in absence of the home owner he/she could see whom it was and engage them and their activities from their phone device by using their application.

In cases of emergency an inbuilt alarm system could send signal to responsive authorities thereby bringing a quick response supposing the home owner were absent from home. At the press of a tab or voice prompt lockdown could be activated in a phone application using mobile technology.

Lightening and Ventilation:

A common method though yet not popular is the lighting system with sensors. Modernized systems are present in markets and can be used to sync mobile applications to permit full control of one’s own lightening, air ventilation and temperature by using one owns mobile device.
This feat allows the home personnel to set their own temperature and choice lightening on their device so that they can derive the same comfort from their various previous places. This setting also is not limited and can be used for the whole house or choice rooms.


A new concept which is gradually gaining popularity in todays market is a refrigerator that informs the owner of what is kept inside it and how long would it be for the contents to expire. An added feature of what this refrigerator does is to send notifications to its owner suggesting ideas for placing an order for fresh stock with vendors.

Aside the refrigerator other electronic appliances like the electric stove and oven can be made to reply orders from mobile devices which can be comfortable for its owner.


Today smart phones and smart televisions are widely sold in our markets and they are useful in a variety of ways including changing channels, volumes adjustment and others.


The introduction of a mobile application with feature to make it be set on wall can see the television go into decline in use in some years from now. Also, the presence of a quick internet and phone applications and websites where movies can be viewed online and other sources can make broadcasting networks obsolete.

Forthcoming technologies in which minimalism is a central focus can make replacements of sensors and beacons within the home setting.

Water and Waste Management:

Modern day built civil infrastructures like shopping malls and airports have restrooms that are sensitive to the touch, that including their taps and toilet flush that does not require contact with the hands to operate.


The home is not left out as similar technology at affordable rates are gradually making its way into the water heating/cooling systems, shower settings, Jacuzzi or even by management in swimming pools ; all can be operated with a mobile application based command.

Furthermore, waste separation recycling and disposal can be controlled by mobile application.

Finally there are many home computerization concepts that can be done by using mobile application with an understanding interface and use of hand free technologies.


Many are still being experimented on while a host of others are in designs and growth process with mobile creative firms.